9-2-14 Mickleham Fire social media intel

Mickleham Fires 9th - 12th February 2014 - Social media intel

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Info from VOST Victoria,
more info on Twitter.
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Incident name: Mickleham
Point of origin/address: Mickleham and Donnybrook Roads
Job note curator: George Hall (@geehall1) Mob. 0418-336-434
Live blogs active today:
Original job note web link: http://bit.ly/1bHOcck
Incident info: The Mickleham fire, and those from there all the way up to Kilmore from 9th February 2014 onwards.

13:50 view via VicEmergency (http://emergency.vic.gov.au)
Significant Event:
VicEmergency map, Melbourne’s north 15:16
From this point on, recording the 10th February 2014 stage:
This photo from 08:45 on 10th February:
From Instagram:
Fires and hotspots 15:35 HT Incident Alert:
From Instagram 17:30:
From Instagram 17:58:
From Facebook, roughly before 21:00
VicEmergency map 23:15. Approx/indicative fires, advices, Watch-and-Acts and Emergency areas, north of Melbourne
From this point on, information is from Tues 11th February 2014
09:07 from Facebook:
Local perception of things, unfortunately, not quite as the ones below it tell:
These next two tweets show more to it and what the actual case is as CFA/DEPI know it.
Some of the public trying to ascertain what to do:
Public enquiries on Twitter concerning transport services:
The advisory situation for north of Melbourne as at 15:25 via http://emergency.vic.gov.au
From Facebook, roughly 21:00:
Public reaction to some aspects of the situation. Must emphasise Chief Commissioner Lay’s viewpoint as authorities have to first consider protection of life above all else.
From Facebook, 22:15:
From this point on, Information is from Wed 12th February 2014
Channel 7 reporter’s view of things today:

12/02/2014 8:40 PM Log closed.

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