Australian Emergency Management Institute at Mt Macedon closes doors for the last time

It's with heavy hearts that we observe that AEMI will no longer be operating out of Mt Macedon after this week. The closure has been caused by federal budget cutbacks which have unfortunately left us without this world-class physical venue for us to meet at. The important Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub will live on, based in Canberra.

AEMI have been very supportive of VOST Victoria, and our volunteers. AEMI hosted the very successful Connection! 2014 event last July, and two of our members, Daniel and Brad, attended. This event broke new ground in many areas, and provided us with an opportunity to meet face-to-face with authorities and other people involved in social media for emergency management (SMEM). Such networking and the contacts made were an important outcome of the forum. The staff at AEMI have been tremendous, and were always quick with a smile, even during the most difficult of circumstances. The budget cuts were announced just prior to the Connection! 2014 event which must have been personally very challenging. If they felt bothered by their uncertain future, they never let it show.

The Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub have done some great work, and they will continue on, based in Canberra. Their library of resources will still be available, and we'll look forward to future updates.

We wish all the AEMI Mt Macedon staff the very best for the future. Thank you for all that you've done to help the community.
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