CFA State Forum: TAGS Twitter satistics for #CFAengage

VOST Victoria maintained a TAGS Archive of the Twitter traffic from CFA's 4th Annual Community Engagement & Fire Awareness State Forum - #CFAengage.
The archive began on the 19th July 2014. This report produced on 4th August 2014.
There were 1,156 tweets with the hashtag '#CFAengage'. 131 different accounts tweeted an average of 9.46 tweets each.

Twitter activity over the two days of the State Forum (2nd/3rd August) is clearly defined:
A screen capture of the Conversation Explorer graph:
The TAGS Conversation Explorer can be found here: the tabs for further info and a copy of the archive. Click on the nodes for details.)

  • Please see this link for Day 1 of the State Forum (2nd August).
  • Please see this link for Day 2 of the State Forum (3rd August).
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