Grampians Bushfires - January 2014

Grampians Bushfires - January 2014

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Info from VOST Victoria,
more info on Twitter.
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Incident name: Grampians Bushfires
Point of origin/address: Various spots around the Grampians
Job note curator: 16/17th Jan - George Hall (@geehall1) 0418336434 | 17th Jan 13:00hrs - Brad Lemon 0413396419 | 18/19th Jan - Brad Lemon
Live blogs active today: Jan 17 Onwards:
Job note web link:
Incident info: A number of fires in Grampians

16th January, 2014:

Start of the day:
Early morning update on overnight situation:
Information of significance:
By 1:23 PM:
Local region thoughts a few hours earlier:
Early local intell:
Another image:
Local intell and reaction:
Severity? Checking weather app:
Local Tweet:
More local intell and Milestone Event:
Image of severity:
Local intell and SMEM:

Confirmation of the local intell and SMEM between 3:27 and 3:32 PM:
Further confirmation from Melbourne News:
One of the most retweeted photos of the afternoon:
Significant situation:
Local intell and image:
Image of the situation after 4:15 PM:
Local intell and photo (Tumblr):
More local information 17:15:
Significant situational information:
Police nearly affected adversely:
Facebook intell:
Locals’ reaction to the nature of the fire and reminder of previous ones:


Halls Cap Community watch and events - Facebook.


DEPI & CFA will hold a community information meeting tomorrow (Friday 17th 2014) at the recreation oval, for information on the NORTHERN GRAMPIANS COMPLEX FIRE burning in the vicinity of Wartook, Laharum, Roses Gap & Zumsteins.

Tomorrow's fire danger will be extreme, so please keep hydrated, before the meeting.

6.25pm - Pools in great condition for the party tonight guys. Sausage sizzle at 6pm fun an games from 7. Come and get amongst it. These blokes are ready. Jelly bean to whoever can tell me who these masked marvels are - at Halls Gap Pool

6.30pm Grampians Grape Escape - Facebook

@GGE sends its best wishes and appreciation to all those who dont have an escape from the extreme heat today because they are battling to protect people and property. Mount Zero OlivesLaharum Grove and all our other fabulous producers, we hope you're soon tucked up someplace cool and safe..
We're taking no chances with bush fires in the local area, the cafe will be CLOSED for the remainder of today and tomorrow. We will make a decision about the weekend on Saturday morning. Mount Zero Olives - Millstone Cafe. -

6.41pm - Visit Grampians - Facebook.

The Grampians National Park is closed for public safety due to significant fire activity. The closure will be reviewed midday Saturday 18 January 2014. Other closures in the area include in the Mount Buangor State Park and Black Range Reserve. See here for more information:,-flood-and-other-closures/fire-affected-areas.

Our thanks go out to the fire crews working incredibly hard in tough conditions.

At 8:11 PM discussion of Hall’s Gap on Twitter:

At 8:24 PM via Facebook SIGNIFICANT EVENT:

Local discussion of the fires on social media:

Worsening situation:

…even for the police on traffic-management up there:

Local media reaction to the situation as it stands:

At 9:20 PM:

9.25pm - Halls Gap Community - Great night. Thanks to all that came. Was a great success

Halls Gap Community watch and events - Facebook.

Fire complex mapping:



Victorian Storm Chasers - Facebook -

We are winding down our fire coverage for the night.
#bushfires #vicfires

Many parts of the state were hit hard by out of control bushfires that started from lightning strikes across the state.

There are 2 EMERGENCY WARNINGS still in place for what is now known as the Northern Grampians Complex fires.

There are 5 WATCH and ACTS and 37 ADVICE messages!

Tomorrow Friday the 17th Jan 2014 is a TOTAL FIRE BAN for the whole state.

Please visit -

Remember to listen to your local ABC for updates

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Picture - Ian Wilson
source - News Limited

Night view Grampians fires:

Friday, 17th January:

Before 7 AM:


From Facebook, approx 9:13am:

Critical information for Hall’s Gap:

9.50am - Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park - Facebook.

Additional on Hall’s Gap:


Area burnt so far:

Weather intell in image form:

Significant information from 10 AM Halls Gap meeting:

Areas to be evacuated:


Maree Bowater's Facebook Page -

A Horsham resident’s Twitter comment:

10.35am - Halls Gap Zoo - Facebook

Smoke haze:

The map at 11:19. Icons pretty much self-explanatory:

Aerial view:

Reaction to evacuation message:

Saturday, 18th Janauary, 2014:

8:50 AM:

9:40 AM:

10:45 AM:

11:40 AM:

12:45 PM:

Sunday, 19th January, 2014:

Yep, coverage is lacking - no time/date on the map:

1:35 PM 19th January, 2014: Log ends.

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