Myth-Busting Best Practices in Social Media

From time to time, there will be an inaccurate tweet come through on Twitter or Facebook.

In January 2011 during the Queensland and Brisbane Floods, @QPSmedia set a high gold standard for dealing with such inaccuracies or myths, tackling the myths head-on and relying on the public and volunteer retweeters to pick up the myth-buster and help get the essential correct/corrected information out fast.

Various authorities throughout Australia have since adopted the @QPSmedia best practices. When you become aware of a tweet or update that's wrong, call on the SMEM community to assist in putting out the correct information. SMEM volunteers are always happy to get the myth-busters out as quickly and as effectively as possible.

The essential idea is to tackle the myth/inaccuracy itself, not the accidental retweeters. They will be all too glad to help improve the quality of information and will assist correcting to the most accurate information.

for VOSTVic

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