Our mission in 2017 and beyond

Our mission in 2017 and beyond.

Hi all, it's been some time since our last post, and you might have noticed we've stopped posting the Emergency Management Commissioner's Summer weekly video briefing, and Total Fire Ban Warnings. This is because we shouldn't be seen as a source of information, and Social Media in Emergency Management (SMEM) operators and the public need to know where to find this information themselves, rather than relying on third parties like us.

The weekly video updates and other important video updates can be found on the Vic Emergency Facebook page, and detailed info regarding a variety of topics including warnings can be found at http://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/news-and-media/warnings-and-what-they-mean-for-you-and-your-community

For current emergency information, always head to http://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/

VOST Victoria is always evolving to meet the challenges presented to us as we conduct SMEM on Twitter during the summer fire season. As there are now so many accounts amplifying warnings from the authorities, this year we're concentrating on making sure that important traffic ends up in the job stream for any given job. The job stream is simply the traffic displayed as a result of a search for the job name, or by clicking on the appropriate hashtag. SMEM operators perform highly advanced searches to locate traffic from authorities and various trusted sources such as @ABCEmergency and many others. We find information all over Twitter, and once verified, we tag it with the appropriate hashtags so that it ends up in the job stream where it can easily be found by everyone.

At times, important tweets may be missing some hashtags for the job, and this may be because there is only so much information which can be fitted into 140 characters! We quote important tweets and add any hashtags needed to ensure that they end up in the job stream. Ideally, a going job should have only one hashtag, however, as a fire moves into new areas, more hashtags may be added as appropriate.

Our SMEM operators work under their own names using their own Twitter accounts. We should never be seen as a source of information, as not all information will be tweeted. An SMEM operator will only tweet if there is a need to move information around as mentioned above.

As always, follow @vicemergency and @CFA_Updates to ensure you're seeing the official traffic from these important sources.

For any questions or comments, we encourage you to Contact Us.

We thank you for your support.

Brad Lemon
Operations Manager
VOST Victoria
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