Page 3: Key Twitter traffic for Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires, February 2014

Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires, February 2014 Page 3
Data from Friday 21st February - Tuesday 25th February.

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Info from VOST Victoria,

Incident name: Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires
Point of origin/address: Open cut coal mines, Hazelwood and Yallourn
Job note curator: Brad Lemon @tyabblemons

Job note web link:
Page 1 (11-17 Feb)
Page 2 (18-20 Feb)
Page 3 (21-25 Feb)
Page 4 (26-27 Feb)
Page 5 (28 Feb)
Page 6 (1-2 Mar)
Page 7 (3-6 Mar)
Page 8 (7-10 Mar)
Page 9 (11-16 Mar)
Page 10 (17 Mar)

Incident info: Fires began as a result of Hernes Oak/Driffield fires. Air quality in Morwell is of concern.

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Friday, 21st February, 2014:

Saturday, 22nd February:

Sunday, 23rd February:

Monday, 24th February, 2014:

Tuesday, 25th February:

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