Page 6: Key Twitter traffic for Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires, March 2014

Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires, March 2014 Page 6
Data from Saturday, 1st March onwards.

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Info from VOST Victoria,

Incident name: Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires
Point of origin/address: Open cut coal mines, Hazelwood and Yallourn
Job note curator: Brad Lemon @tyabblemons

Job note web link:
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Incident info: Fires began as a result of Hernes Oak/Driffield fires. Air quality in Morwell is of concern. Cause now listed as arson.

Note: Where important links are included in the image capture of the tweet, just click on the tweet to be taken to the linked page. * Unavailable due to technical glitch. Working on it.

Saturday, 1st March:

Link in this tweet broken:

Following tweet was put out by a syndicated feed, and same text (but different links), including spelling mistake - "Morewell" was tweeted from many accounts:

Sunday, 2nd March:

People from 9GAG used Keith Pakenham's picture and made derivative with their logo on it. Not impressed. In the hundreds of people who have tweeted this image, 9GAG were the only ones I saw doing the wrong thing. Click on the image to be taken to the website.

And this is why. Not long afterwards, the derivative picture is being circulated. 9GAG knew only the pic would circulate, which is why they tagged their logo on it. If I was Keith, or CFA, I'd be suing:

Another example:

9GAG derivative of Keith Pakenham's work again:

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