Page 8: Key Twitter traffic for Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires, March 2014

Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires, March 2014 Page 8
Data from Friday, 7th March - Monday 10th March.

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Info from VOST Victoria,

Incident name: Hazelwood/Yallourn mine fires
Point of origin/address: Open cut coal mines, Hazelwood and Yallourn
Job note curator: Brad Lemon @tyabblemons

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Incident info: Fires began as a result of Hernes Oak/Driffield fires. Air quality in Morwell is of concern. Cause now listed as arson.

Note: Where important links are included in the image capture of the tweet, just click on the tweet to be taken to the linked page. * Unavailable due to technical glitch. Working on it.

(Editorial note: The #quitcoal campaign is very active, and members are tagging their tweets with #Morwell to gain an audience for their message. The message is mostly the same, but adds no new content to the knowledge base. I have stopped capturing the tweets from this campaign as they are not helpful to the people of Morwell or the current situation.)

Friday 7th March:

Am very disappointed that ABC would attempt to sensationalize this event, and publish this very disturbing picture on Twitter, with no thought given to how this kind of story upsets the families of volunteer firefighters. I certainly didn't want to see the picture:

Link broken:

Not sure whether this is a bot army. I've been seeing similar behavior for the last couple of weeks:

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