SMEM Code of conduct for Victoria

Code of Conduct for SMEM operators covering Victoria


In September 2013, a number of SMEM’s convened in Melbourne and initiated a draft document for people who disseminate or provide information within social media circles.

The code of conduct is voluntary, however the originators have discovered over time that this is also best practice.

Code of conduct rules:

  1. Do no harm

  2. Do not broadcast details regarding injuries, or deaths, unless the police have released the details or it has been widely circulated in mainstream media.

  3. Always check as thoroughly as possible to confirm that what you are publishing is accurate.

  4. Where possible, add a timestamp to identify the currency of the original message.

  5. Myth busting - Go the myth, not the person.

  6. Quality over quantity. Do not retweet two near identical tweets.

  7. Logging of any discrepancy or issue is encouraged.

  8. You should be open to peer review.

  9. If you broadcast an error, followup with another message in the same forum and then consider deleting the original message.

  10. Maintain your own safety. Take time out.

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