Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST Victoria)

About Virtual Operations Support Team
(VOST Victoria)

ABN: 80448390199

VOST Victoria's role is expanding. We provide support for Social Media Emergency Management volunteers, by identifying them on social media and providing information and structure to help them get their message out. The other role of VOST Victoria is a reporting role, and we collate Job Notes about major emergencies that occur in Victoria. These Job Notes are provided for intelligence purposes for government, and are also accessed by media. Our volunteers monitor radio and social-media communications, and add key information to our Job Notes. We also archive specific search results for Twitter on request.

Our Job Notes are collated using Evernote. We use a variety of communications tools to interact with clients and ourselves. We are continually evolving, and adopting new tools and techniques.

Volunteers work under their own names on social media.

VOST Victoria is run in the spirit of 'not for profit' - but is not legally bound so. We do not 'sell' Job Notes - they are provided free of charge, however, VOST Victoria retains the right to choose its clients.

There are currently six volunteers coordinated under the VOST Victoria banner. Our volunteers are highly skilled social-media operators. We specialise in Twitter, but also collate data from other forms of social-media, like Facebook. We welcome new volunteer members.

VOST Victoria is a member of the international VOST Leadership Coalition (VLC).

UPDATE: As of February, 2014, VOST Victoria has developed a recovery role, assisting the community long after the emergency has passed. We maintain a Goods/Services Donation Register.

Relief agencies wishing to access the Donations Register should register here. More information about VOST Victoria can be accessed by calling or emailing our team.

Please see our Contact Us page for more details.

Updated 28th July, 2014.

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