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Our mission in 2017 and beyond

Our mission in 2017 and beyond. Hi all, it's been some time since our last post, and you might have noticed we've stopped posting the Emergency Management Commissioner's Summer weekly video briefing, and Total Fire Ban Warnings. This is because we shouldn't be seen as a source of information, and Social Media in Emergency Management (SMEM) operators and the public need to know where to find this information themselves, rather than relying on third parties like us. The...

The comeback of hashtags

Social media in emergency management (SMEM) is evolving again. The comeback of hashtags is a major change in 2016. While hashtags were popular a while ago on Twitter, there was a time when they were less relevant for traffic collation. We think the sudden revival of hashtags is mainly due to their popularity on Instagram, where hashtags are the only way to search content. The Victorian public have become familiar with clicking on hashtags to find traffic they're interested in. Hashtags are ...

Do you surf hashtags on Facebook?

If so, please do the poll. Thanks :) Loading... Update 18th Jan 2016: Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the 'Facebook Hashtag Poll'. Here's the results:
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